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Eye Eye Studio
  Contact Person   Water Chan
  Position Founder / Director
  Business Telephone +852-9556-5039
  Business Email   info@eyeeyestudio.com
  Business Website   http://eyeeyestudio.com/
  Facebook   https://www.facebook.com/eyeeyestudio/
  Company Overview Eye Eye is an award winning creative production company based in Hong Kong. We tell stories through moving pictures. We are creating original and commissioned works that is powerful and visually extraordinary.
  Product or Service Profile Since 2012, we have directed and produced works that combine animation, design, live action and visual effects. Over the years, we have worked on commercials, feature films, short films, music videos and other new digital platforms. We are honored to be able to continue telling stories and meeting incredible people along the way.
  Award or Achievements 2017 / 54th Golden Horse Awards "Best Visual Effects" Nomination
  Business Nature • Computer Animation
• Digital Effects
  Type of Service Pre-production
    • Character Design
    • Story Design
    • Script Writing
    • Painting In Story Version

Business Type
    • Subcontracting
    • Original Production
    • Distribution and Authorization
    • Consultancy

Animation Type
    • Two-dimensional Animation
    • Three-dimensional Animation
    • Stop-motion Animation

Animation Platform
    • Movie
    • TV Series
    • Mobile Device
    • Website

Subjects Proficient In
    • Action
    • Adventure
    • Children
    • Humor/ Comedy
    • Drama
    • Fantasy
    • Horror
    • Mystery
    • Kung Fu/ Martial Arts
    • Romance
    • School
    • Inspirational/ Educational
    • Science Fiction
    • Sports
    • Reasoning

Digital Special Effects Type
    • Video Special Effects
    • Movie Special Effects
    • Game Special Effects

Other Services
    • Filming
    • Videotaping
    • Composing Or Editing
    • Film Exporting

In Procession Of Intellectual Property Rights
    • Character
    • Novel
    • Movie
    • Story and play
    • TV series
    • Specialized Technology

Business Scope
    • Entertainment
    • Advertisement
    • Culture And Art