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大泥 Bigsoil
  Contact Person   大泥 Bigsoil
  Business Address Room G, 2nd Floor, Kam Fung Building, 8 Cleverly Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
  Business Telephone 28829992
  Business Email   hello@bigsoil.com
  Business Website   http://www.bigsoil.com
  Facebook   https://www.facebook.com/bigsoil
  Company Overview 大泥,漫畫家。畢業於香港理工大學平面設計系,獲取平面設計榮譽學士。曾任香港商業電台及新城電台美術總監。 大泥的漫畫作品現於東方日報專欄《愛看見世界》每天刊載。曾出版漫畫作
  Product or Service Profile 大泥創作白熊和男孩的故事:男孩,一位平凡孩子,像我和你。在喧鬧的城市裡,他總是抬頭看天空,渴望有天可高飛,能在世界某一角落裡,尋找到一個更不一樣的自己。 白熊,來自孤獨的
  Award or Achievements 「日本DigiCon6大賞」 香港區第五名Always Out There 《和你在一起》 animation(2011)
  Business Nature • Comic
  Type of Service Pre-production
    • Character Design
    • Story Design
    • Script Writing
    • Painting In Story Version

Business Type
    • Original Production

Comic Type
    • Single-grid
    • Four/ multiple grid
    • Story
    • Picture Book

Comic Platform
    • Website
    • Newspaper

Animation Type
    • Two-dimensional Animation

Subjects Proficient In
    • Children
    • Inspirational/ Educational

In Procession Of Intellectual Property Rights
    • Character
    • Comic

Business Scope
    • Advertisement
    • Education
    • Culture And Art