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Computer Animation
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Character Design Story Design
Script Writing Painting In Story Version

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Subcontracting Original Production
Distribution and Authorization Consultancy

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Single-grid Four/ multiple grid
Story Picture Book

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Website Newspaper
Magazine Comic book
Mobile Phone or Mobile Device

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Two-dimensional Animation Three-dimensional Animation
Stop-motion Animation

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Movie TV Series
Mobile Device Website
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Action Adventure
Children Humor/ Comedy
Drama Fantasy
Horror Mystery
Kung Fu/ Martial Arts Romance
School Inspirational/ Educational
Science Fiction Sports

Game Platform
Mobile Console
Handheld Arcade
Computer Network

Game Type
Leisure Action
Fighting Adventure
Action Adventure Simulation
Strategy Shooting
Racing Sports
Music Puzzle
Chess Education

Interactive Design Services
Consultancy Technological Development
Device Design Device Production
App Or Software Programming

Digital Special Effects Type
Video Special Effects Movie Special Effects
Game Special Effects

Sound Production
Song Production Music Production
Sound Effect Production Dubbling

Other Services
Filming Videotaping
Composing Or Editing Film Scanning
Film Exporting

In Procession Of Intellectual Property Rights
Character Comic
Novel Music
Movie Story and play
TV series Specialized Technology

Business Scope
Entertainment Advertisement
Education Culture And Art